In Love


In love with the pulsing ripples.
In love with the waxing flush
of belly round.
In love with Moon so bright,
her pure face eclipsed by the earth’s
shadow of gold, tonight.
In love with creation happening
as woven within me.
In love with the smile of him
who surrounds me.
A caress so tender,
my sensitive skin responds
like the veined skein of an orchid leaf.
In love with the sun’s rays
kissing my limbs.
In love with the deep blue sea
crooning us to sleep at night.
In love with the flowering trees,
whose fragrance fills the night air.
Magnolia, plumeria, jasmine, orchid.
I am in love.


My head on a seahorse pillow

My head on a seahorse pillow
It yawns blue in the evening’s lavender hour
Minutes slipping by knocking as marbles
A knot in my cheek
Reminding me that

Dreams come and go
And some reflect
The aquamarine underworld
Of lingering turtles

Gingerly laced with limber movement
I whisper listlessly to the droning traffic
And the cat glows while she pushes my buttons

I sit on my mat
With my hands on my knees
And contemplate the moon
In its meanders

I hold its roundness in my presence
And sigh for the mystery
That lies beyond the echo
Of a seashell

The calling of the wind and sand shouts sailboat
My horizon is the bridge over the highway
Mountain ghosts come out seldom these days
Peach glow and apparitions

I wander while the world squanders
Finagling a fingerling possibility
A diaphanous feline existence
Motivated by footprints, teacups, mint leaves…
The knowledge that contradiction is the shortest way to truth