Suddenly the summer sun

is gone. Leaves turn from green

to gold, the reddest scarlet, and mauve.

They dance their final fiery

love song before the fall.


My heart, this year preoccupied

by illness and death, almost didn’t notice

all the beauty.


Yet on a pensive walk

it received a tugging jolt.


My eyes, who could not resist,

as Imminent curiosity is

their game

beckon the compassionate

one to attention.




Mother is there at the beginning

Mother is who you came out of

Mother is food

Mother is sleep

Mother is love

Mother is the first teacher

Mother is nature

Mother is nurture

Mother Nature is Mother

Mother is who I need to separate from to become me

Mother has a wound

Mother is who’s wound I must heal

Mother is who I trust

Mother is who I roll my eyes to

Mother is almost always woman

Mother is taken for granted

Mother is who rejects me and I reject

Mother is who I feel smothered by

Mother is who I am

Mother and daughter

Daughter to my mother

Mother to my daughter


May I feel all the wounds

May I speak them

May I heal all the wounds

May I heal my mother wound

May we give back to all mothers

All women

May we give back to Mother Nature

May I give back to my mother

May I give a new future to my daughter

Mother is the beginning

The rhythm of breath

The strum of the heart

Of all that is me and isn’t me

Of unity and division

Mother is the beginning of love

Earth: I am the desert

I am the flowery city with its spanning urban neighborhoods.
I am the narrow and winding road beneath the starlit night.
I am the rolling dry hills growing with sagebrush against my side.
I am the desert lakebed toward which we drive.

My terrain is dusty and ancient and white.
I lie under the bluest of skies.
I am the daylight hours.
I am the bulging red disc of the sun
That rises against the red horizon.

I am the warm alkaline soil of the lake basin.
My worn body’s heat rises in the midday sizzle.
I am the frying pan into which we have fallen.
I am the swaying temple chiming in the wind.
I am the lost souls drifting in the air
Hoping for a prayer to save them.

I am the moon looking down on the cold sand
Where the revelers roam.
My shadows span far and wide.
My body is dusty and old.

I am the orange earth that rises stark in the sunset sun.
I am the silhouette cast against the half-light.
I am the swooping ravens that fly low on the valley
Before the mountains beyond.

I am the land where a cry of rejoice is hailed to the sky
To announce that another day has surrendered to the coolness
Of the jet-black night.
I am the lilac and majestic mountains that embrace
The white desert within.
I am the starry night sky that chills the earth
Until a new sun rises.

I am the dancing constellations.
In my movements I repeat the tales of old.
I am the dance of the heavenly creatures
Until once again the chariot rises over the horizon
And devours the night.