Trial by Fire

March 11, 2020

I have felt fire in my flesh

tasted burning flame rippling on skin.

Fire the organizer

peels away layers leaving

essence – the “I”, pure.


Fire surging in the night

glowing orange embers in the dark of jungle.

In fear of dark I light a candle to protect me.


Purification happens in stages

leaving me nameless.

A day of rage

A day of tears

A day of laughter


To dare to turn into a clown

to swim against the stream

Finned Ego * (line from King of the River by Stanley Kunitz)

Yet the heart is pounding,

the only dance

in the burning desert

is love.


Trial by fire

mysterious unknowing of simple truth,

be told.

My body unfolding.


There is death in life.

Here comes rebirth.



In the palest pink

of blossoming plum

I saw my image.

The one I was daring to be,


The doll I held on my belly.

The baby I once was.


I dared to be me,

to ask for what I needed.

I came out the other side,

the one I wanted to hold.

Debilitated and new.

Life forces streaming

with the moon tide.


I long for Divine Mother.

For years I pined for her

I am Mother Now.


Mother to the heart of my child and me.

Mother as I swim to the ocean and back

to the place of my birth.



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