This is the Time

This is the time for the depth of the ocean,

the magnetism of gravity,

the tide pulled by the moon in Virgo.

This is the time for feeling into our ancestry.

For the forest primeval.*

This is the time.

The time for reunion.

Reuniting with true love of Self.

The “I” burning incandescent.

This is the time for family loved ones.

The loves of our lives.

Those we kiss and bless each day.

Time to gaze into the yellow cup

of a daffodil that catches a sunbeam.

The dew on leaves. Small droplets

of transparent love.

This is the time to love and to hold.

The time for the light and the red of the heart,

the root chakra grounding

into the Earth, sound.

Twisting, spiraling to reach crystal rock-bed.

A time for faith. To dispel the unnecessary.

The time to wade knee deep in un-knowing.

Feeling its discomfort.

Holding it longer.

This is the time to follow the heart.

This time is a challenge.

A gift deep down.

A re-connection to Spirit.

To test our fear and stay grounded.

This is the time

*Line from Evangeline, by Longfellow



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