To the Muse

(inspired by Denise Levertov)


I look for you each day

in the empty house.

The rooms echo

with your hidden voice.

You are my golden ring


I find you in the stillness,

where I can hear my heart.

It resounds of the fullness

I feel for you.


Each season of our lives,

a stone’s throw of concentric circles

widens to the horizon,

where the tangible boundary

between time and space



You stand in the dark,

the light of the moon on your flesh and hair.

A silhouette in the stillness;

the fullness of night.

In this perfect kiss that spans


you are the smile of a child

the ripple of the river

the dazzle of a sunbeam.

In your embrace I am found.

In your light,

I become whole.

Although you hide in secret rooms,

I have found you.


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