Today is the Day

Today is the day I get to vote for a woman to be president of the United States.

Today is the day I can say enough is enough.

Today is the day I know I will need to roll up my sleeves tomorrow.

Today is the day I know I will cry if she wins.

Today is the day I look at this impossibly blue sky and dream something my grandmother never would have dared to.

Today I can look at my daughter and know the future would have her back.

Today I am proud of her and every other woman.

Today I shout out my voice.

I hail it to the ceiling.

I sing my essence to the stars.

I rejoice in my strength within my heart, my veins, my womb, my mind.

That strength allowed me to deliver a child.

It has rendered me compassionate toward others, even when they differ.

It allows me to bow my head yet not break, when needed.

I want to say it now.

And this may be trite.

But this is a historic moment.

Let’s do it right.

Let’s follow our conscience.

For us, the people, the women.

The children.

The bridges, not the walls.

The healthcare.

The schools.

The jobs.

The immigrants.

The possibilities.

Today is the day I get to vote for a woman to e president of the united States,

And I want to say, thank you, Hillary Clinton

For all the hard work you have done to get here.