For Selina Morgan, on her first moon of life.


September 7, 2014

Tonight is full moon and I cannot believe my darling Selina was born just days after the last full moon in August. The name for moon and moon goddess in Greek is Selene, our child’s namesake. Her middle name, Morgan, is Celtic. It has many meanings, but one of them is bright sea. Selina is our moon of the bright sea… our sweet one, our moonbeam.
And as the moon in pisces tonight will shimmer on many waters, I choose to set goals of renewal, acceptance, unwavering, compassionate love, and transformation.
To this end, I’ll share a few words written in those days, one month ago, before I gave birth.

Dedicated to the August Full Moon:

Dearest Baby, Dearest Moon Goddess,
In your shimmering, silver rays I sway in ebb and flow. People ask: If I “Just want to get it done with?” I don’t feel that ay at all. I cherish every moment that you are within me, silvery moon goddess. Little lion horse. And yet I am so curious to see you! I so want to hold you in my arms, to have your father nuzzle up against your infinite beauty.
Shining moon goddess, one above, Mother Divine, I summon your help, now.
Bring our Selina on your moon tide, in your flow.
I bask in your light tonight. I rely on your delicate, strenuous strength to open me like a flower, to release this babe safely into the world.
I hold this vision sacred, unto your mysterious, waxing glow.


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