In a puddle I saw my reflection
anemone: a sea star
moist purple-red
with tiny red suction cups
a perfect shape
singing to the rain
embodying cosmic harmony
the magic of the pentagram
its construction arcane

Leonardo’s Man—the penis
and the umbilical cord—two universes
earthly, and cosmic
and in between everything and nothing

you and I beneath the stars
glistening in perfect
geometric wisdom
raying universal patterns
of the unknown
where the heart ceases to beat
and we float through thin air

in a secret dimension
where we are free
to love, and desire
to create, to tear each other apart
to suffer, but also
to watch the smile on a dimpled cheek

gossip on a lazy Sunday morning
blueberry pancakes and green tea
as the cat licks her whiskers
the mark of time beats
another symphony
expressing tangential truths
that sometimes flower
into concrete creations

the darkness dissolves into shafts of light
filtering through soft clouds
dew-drops sparkling against the windowpane
the light in your eyes
holds a secret
it mesmerizes me until dawn

when I awake
I realize I have been dreaming
of a sea anemone
bright star
its tips outstretched in the five directions
seeking the wind and stories of old
told by a timeless voice before you were born


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