A stairway made of light

Wonder, by Alex Grey

A stairway made of light
stretching in luminous evanescence
connecting dots of stars
into pictograms of the imagination
a perfect geometry
resurrected by mythology
and in unifying oneness
the milkyway high above
galaxies of thought
of misty mornings
and a neverending coastline


2 thoughts on “A stairway made of light

  1. …a neverending coastline of stars…
    …the milkyway high above/galaxies of thought….
    These are original images. That’s what makes your poetry worth reading: Images that startle the reader with their freshness. Good work here.

  2. Thank you Thomas… I feel I have been trying to access the connection between words, images, sounds since I was very young. I guess some call this synesthesia, to me it’s a way of seeing how disciplines blend in a seamless way.

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