The valleys muted in the mist

Inspired by John Keats

The valleys muted in the mist
Hanging suspended upon my breath
A feathering dawn
Of brightness still
Awaits the opening of bells beyond
And drops of never-ending beauty line
The arc’d neck of wisps of grass

The swaying movement croons us past
The fraying of the treetops high

And when I lie
And face the sky
Its vast blue
Immense its hue

The vortex in the lilies races
Hidden in a million faces
And never would I’ve guessed
That words you swore to me
Of truths untold
Rimmed only the surface of our minds

As wings who flew
Starbird and back
In a second to capture
The essence of sandy scapes
Fabric and light
Of faces hidden in the night

Knocking on the wall between us
We shared a secret
Keen to those who seek
To climb the precipice
And gazing as far
As the eye can fly
We soar through the clouds
Tender and sigh


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