Ode to a ring

round you wrap in circular form
in sparkling perfection
with no beginning or end
I sing to you from the beginning of time
sun metal forged by the dwarves

out of one motion
two leaves brushing by each other
made of the same matter
whispering to each other
a caress
a gentle kiss
the air gliding in
through a slender inlet

two lives each holding the other
gently colliding
two leaves entwined in one mold
out of one gesture a path drawn
a stream trickling

limpid and clear
through the forests
in the early morning mist

you wake and wander to the source
searching for life
drinking in its essence

you take in your surrounding
the beauty of the orange sky
saying yes to the world
you dive in delight in the bright water
drinking in bubbles
seeing the world upside down

tracing your footsteps in the sand
the outline a remote memory of a distant civilization

ancient symbol of unity
you swept me with your wings
to you a promise was made
on a sunny day
from our hearts a mould forged
to be the visible outline on our fingers
holding us together when the wind blows
reminding us to smile when the day is over

in your presence we shine
noble metal
ancient wisdom
shining star


3 thoughts on “Ode to a ring

  1. This is absolutely wonderful. It has an ancient time feel that brings alive the feeling that A.E. Housman once described as hair standing on the back of his neck. Robert Graves, another English poet, believed that only when you are invoking the White Goddess and the runes of the ancient Celtic religion can you achieve this feeling and thus achieve true poetry. I am not sure how much of the White Goddess religion is in this poem, but it certainly feels like it has the magic of men and women in a circle on the night of a full moon solemnly chanting ancient poems invoking the fertility of the coming spring. This is a really, really fine poem.

  2. This poem was written before my wedding, also during my teacher training. I was working a lot with mythology, fairytales and particularly the Celtic world of faeries and elves so I think your feeling is really quite accurate. In our wedding, which took place later, there was a circle of friends and family standing around us, reflecting back a mirror image of who we are for them, as we shared verses and professed vows of love to each other.

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