A knot in the thread

A knot in the thread
Woven tightly around my finger
Your name lost in the gale of wind
Howling in my ears
The crevices of my body
Grains of sand
Blue and yellow
A trickle meshing
Green in the hourglass
They tied a knot
As I untangle my hair
Auburn in the sunset

Strands of emotions
Caught between gut and logic
Drifting away in a waning
And waxing coagulation
Of blood cells

The truth gurgles
And spouts its primal baby names
Jealousy, envy abandonment
Oh, big sounding words
Psychology in motion

The rocking horse jolts and struts
Forward and back
Within each others arms
We whisper—
A word in my ear
Soft and tepid in the morning
Like cotton candy at the fair
Pink and gauze-like
And so sugary you worry it’ll hurt
Your stomach

Lumps of undigested matter
Baggage for the homeless
How to give it away in
One clean gesture
Be rid of it

And yet that is an impossible request
To so dispose of this human fiber
Of toil and torture
That also yields such bliss and happiness

Oh but to grope
For the middle ground
In even-keeled, equanimous strides
Poised for the calling
And yet the surface is weighty
The work rewarding

When fingered nimbly
Silk, cotton, hemp, linen, wool
Raw, even artificial
Knots coming undone
And then sometimes
Braided quietly and peacefully


In a puddle I saw my reflection
anemone: a sea star
moist purple-red
with tiny red suction cups
a perfect shape
singing to the rain
embodying cosmic harmony
the magic of the pentagram
its construction arcane

Leonardo’s Man—the penis
and the umbilical cord—two universes
earthly, and cosmic
and in between everything and nothing

you and I beneath the stars
glistening in perfect
geometric wisdom
raying universal patterns
of the unknown
where the heart ceases to beat
and we float through thin air

in a secret dimension
where we are free
to love, and desire
to create, to tear each other apart
to suffer, but also
to watch the smile on a dimpled cheek

gossip on a lazy Sunday morning
blueberry pancakes and green tea
as the cat licks her whiskers
the mark of time beats
another symphony
expressing tangential truths
that sometimes flower
into concrete creations

the darkness dissolves into shafts of light
filtering through soft clouds
dew-drops sparkling against the windowpane
the light in your eyes
holds a secret
it mesmerizes me until dawn

when I awake
I realize I have been dreaming
of a sea anemone
bright star
its tips outstretched in the five directions
seeking the wind and stories of old
told by a timeless voice before you were born

A stairway made of light

Wonder, by Alex Grey

A stairway made of light
stretching in luminous evanescence
connecting dots of stars
into pictograms of the imagination
a perfect geometry
resurrected by mythology
and in unifying oneness
the milkyway high above
galaxies of thought
of misty mornings
and a neverending coastline

Faint Jade

the hum of the heating grafts
a poem on the thin layer
of my mind
a faint jade hue
reflects from the table

the cat bounces and purrs
after pleading for food
now content she looks upon the world
in detached aloofness

the air is moist
my heart tranquil
an emptiness mixed with tiredness
my body full of pleasure in the image that is me
I embrace in loving acceptance

the exuberance of a faraway kiss
the perfume emanating from a peach
my thought lost in a swirl
drifting to the moon
…and on the dark side I find
the rainbow that leads me home

into your arms I spiral inward
into the harmonious glow
of the golden section drawing me
in notes of perfect proportion
reflected in tiny dew-drops
a relationship seen only in the milky-way

our words resound from the stillness
of time
I find myself in a state of wakeful dreaming
when the tide is in I breathe out
as it releases I draw inward

The valleys muted in the mist

Inspired by John Keats

The valleys muted in the mist
Hanging suspended upon my breath
A feathering dawn
Of brightness still
Awaits the opening of bells beyond
And drops of never-ending beauty line
The arc’d neck of wisps of grass

The swaying movement croons us past
The fraying of the treetops high

And when I lie
And face the sky
Its vast blue
Immense its hue

The vortex in the lilies races
Hidden in a million faces
And never would I’ve guessed
That words you swore to me
Of truths untold
Rimmed only the surface of our minds

As wings who flew
Starbird and back
In a second to capture
The essence of sandy scapes
Fabric and light
Of faces hidden in the night

Knocking on the wall between us
We shared a secret
Keen to those who seek
To climb the precipice
And gazing as far
As the eye can fly
We soar through the clouds
Tender and sigh


speak my name
over the air waves
a sudden rainbow
arcobaleno dipinto
a verse in time
una favola
a bedtime story

I came into the world
hearing sounds from different tongues
meaning attached and words unknown
I forged my own shell
hard and soft
geometric and uneven

sometimes irreverent
wading through phonics
turning tunes into imaginary dialects
I jumbled the stories you told me
and painted my world yellow with nicknames
flying elephants
pink flamingoes
green Iguanas

“Perché il Black Cat è andato via?”
I would tire you endlessly with
my two-year-old questions with no answers
“Why did the Black Cat go away?”

Why is the sky blue?
Why am I your daughter?
Why did I pick you?
Why am I lonely?

Crocheting a rope
from a magic toy mushroom
Funghetto magico
I would sit for hours
staring at the chickens
listening to their cackles

I watched the sun rays streaming into my room
they made beautiful streaks on the ceiling
what is the word: soffitto

Sounds in multiple languages
sifting through my mind
in time meaning comes into focus
an ever-increasing discovery
of self
of thought

The endless possibilities
an inside world that can express what you fish for
terse and dry
intense and focused
widespread and colorful
emotional and dramatic

Once I closed the doors behind me
I found I was inside the world of words
Parole parole parole


endless creation