Bright Red

soaring above the clouds
a kite in the November crispness
to see as far as the eye
the horizon curving at the perimeter
mind agaze

a calmness pervading
as all releases to the witness

layers of sedimenting tiredness
life piling—transition after another
ingesting what came before it
can be digested—
already one step ahead
looking forward
pushing onward?

I lie on a mound of grass
taking in the freshness of
the golden leaves
breathing the air in this
rainbow time of consciousness
sucking it in and letting it ever
so slowly out—
over the solar plexus
into the solar hemisphere—
an asteroid colliding with my thought
of sapphire clarity

I sit comfortably
without the desire to move
and absorb the red brightness of a Japanese maple
its stance intoxicatingly passionate

digressingly I let my mind wander
into a stream of pearls
where daisies strung together
resound in harmonious wavelengths of auras

in the touch of an epoch
the clap of a butterfly’s wings
echoes on my doorstep
I hold the moment precious
and let my tea steep

minerals absorbed into the ground
through circles of life passing
into you
and becoming the passerby
who tomorrow, unknowingly,
will be your lover, your friend, your mother

I ordered a book from the library—I am 8th in line
in a weblike connection
of all those with common interests
traced into the airwaves of our collective dreamworld

I took a sip of this world
in this life and it turned me
inside out
knotted I am unwinding
to find my stance beneath the Japanese maple
bright red


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