The sky is the limit

blue, lined by wires
telephone cables
the satellite stars in my brain
circumnavigating my soul

I watch for the light in the tunnel
the two eyes of the train approaching

people melting in throngs
of colors and past memories

the streets strewn with names
codes, sounds and allegories
of times gone by

to walk on the abyss of my hopes
wondering how far the swing will go

the museum of natural history is dark
the halls reminiscent of childhood

I long to share my world with you
to blend my love with yours
to graft your skin on my heart
your breath on my face
your eyes in mine

the laughter and the childlike mirth
to capture it for one moment
of pure bliss
holding the key to my heart
light and heavy in one instant

the door seldom opens
and when it does
golden light pours out
but when it is shut
it is forever

the open window frames the street beyond
children running in the playground
screaming on the city summer pavement
the asphalt exudes heat
the hydrant leaking water
to the sundrenched sidewalk
screams reach the world of my dreams
swirls of thoughts pouring over the rhythm of my heart
where land reaches sea


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