in the sterile hospital room
your lost drugged eyes
searching me for answers

if I could time lapse
press the rewind button
falling two weeks back…

you are wrecked in flight
a crack landing
on the asphalt floor
your spine exploded
your feet crunched

the parking lot lights
like heaven halos on new years’

if I could skip into a stride
on the steep rolling hills
of white and sunny San Francisco

my heart in my mouth
my soul in denial

if the ocean or the horizon
weren’t so perfect and blue
me a heartless ghost in it
and the world weren’t
just a seemingly surreal place


1 thought on “Rewind

  1. that was me, my wretched, wrecked body, after a flight I didn’t choose to take, in an agony that you painfully witnessed and recorded… and, yes, that split second couldn’t be wound back… a nightmare I constantly relive… but let’s go on with boldness and determination into a brighter future

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