I seek to crack the nut

Turn the corner
Empty the bag
The towel is heavy and wet
But I have wrung it
All is transitory

Fate appears in odd or even numbers
One day the moon shines a wane smile
The next day she disappears into the velvet black night
Leaving me to wonder
Upon the woes of gone people and those to come

I sit and gaze at the water before me
The blue mountains covered with snow
I think of the days when horses covered in blankets
Rode up these winding paths

Confidence once won
Does not disappear
But creeps into a cupboard
And watches with surreptitious eyes
For the moment to make its entrance

Once again
Asserting itself
In the assured certainty

Of life abundance
In the spectrum of human emotions
Feelings, inventions, principles

Seagulls rise and remind me of my volatility
Limitless limit of imperfection
The ferocity of this wild beast
Whose taming is so arduous


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