Musical instrument

a body lithe
bouncing skipping jumping
allegro pizzicato delicato
like notes dancing on a page
between parallel black lines
heading to infinity

in the sunlight
a field of green in the distance
the sun my halo
a light breeze setting the melody

her footsteps happy
as fire burning
in the red twilight

body dynamic
taut strings

climbing to the top of the hill
to view the city
performing in the echoless hum-drum
of modern traffic
can you hear me
she shouts
the cars busy honking
no one pays attention
as she leaps off the bridge
my heart skips a beat

the fugue spins from aria to inferno
roaring in the soundless moment
flying through time
the dancing of notes on a blank page

once she tried to explain
the inexplicable feeling
the craft of its making
the perfection of her body
made from blood
water heat love

the symphony of the moment
the passion of her frenzy
her body a perfect vessel
to carry her soul
the instrument that played those notes
that then appeared as black dots with swirly legs and flags

the music has stopped
the body is gone
the memory is lost

my eyes lie in my heart
my unstrapped strings by my side


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