I am the woman who walked your city

I am the woman who walked your city
To find you in between the layers of fog
Caught in the intricate and glistening weave of the spider’s web
A fine yet sturdy filament creating a design finer than man can imagine
In its midst a dewdrop precarious before its fall

In the diaphanous span of an insect’s wings
I find myself
lost in spirals of thoughts
Between the past and the future
I move into the knowledge that composes a seashell
Only the present actually exists

I am your city before you
In its meandering mystery of interwoven connections
In transit my thoughts arc the horizon
On their way to catch a passing plane

Action brings me to an onward transition
In which links in a chain suddenly propel me
Into another dimension

A watery world blue and misty contains my fears
Yet transformed into aspirations
Forms are thoughts that determine content
Like butterflies in flight

At the airport I lost my baggage—forever—
Here I wander led by my nose and toes

Somewhere there is distant music
And I know I will encounter all those
Who share a spot in my dreamworld

There is no denial
Only laughter
And sometimes a slightly larger dose of truth—
I swing in the full of things
Wishing for more—
My teacup close to empty
And the friends have gone to the beach

In the velvet night I make
A chain of thoughts as though they were

Tomorrow I am back at the airport
To be transported into the city of time
Where minutes eventually add up to days and sometimes even years

For now I look at you in this moment
In which my cup is half empty
And yet the feeling inside radiates of fullness

Tomorrow always comes
And my heart then may sing to the dewdrops
Or shed a tear in reminiscence of the child
Who visited and has now left

[In her red cloak she came and went
Left the blues in me
And a trace of emptiness
That wafts into the dampness of this November air

In this city mine and yours
We hold each other tight
And know our sun is shining]


Bright Red

soaring above the clouds
a kite in the November crispness
to see as far as the eye
the horizon curving at the perimeter
mind agaze

a calmness pervading
as all releases to the witness

layers of sedimenting tiredness
life piling—transition after another
ingesting what came before it
can be digested—
already one step ahead
looking forward
pushing onward?

I lie on a mound of grass
taking in the freshness of
the golden leaves
breathing the air in this
rainbow time of consciousness
sucking it in and letting it ever
so slowly out—
over the solar plexus
into the solar hemisphere—
an asteroid colliding with my thought
of sapphire clarity

I sit comfortably
without the desire to move
and absorb the red brightness of a Japanese maple
its stance intoxicatingly passionate

digressingly I let my mind wander
into a stream of pearls
where daisies strung together
resound in harmonious wavelengths of auras

in the touch of an epoch
the clap of a butterfly’s wings
echoes on my doorstep
I hold the moment precious
and let my tea steep

minerals absorbed into the ground
through circles of life passing
into you
and becoming the passerby
who tomorrow, unknowingly,
will be your lover, your friend, your mother

I ordered a book from the library—I am 8th in line
in a weblike connection
of all those with common interests
traced into the airwaves of our collective dreamworld

I took a sip of this world
in this life and it turned me
inside out
knotted I am unwinding
to find my stance beneath the Japanese maple
bright red

I am your heart

I am your heart
and for years I have been wanting to speak to you
sometimes you don’t hear very well
other times you are so zoomed in
that my words are just booming sounds

if you take three steps back
and breathe in and out
you may hear my voice
which resounds in the rhythm of all

it is the threshold and miracle of creation
the ebb and flow of water and shore
wherein lies love and devotion

it is the hidden source of warmth
which sediments into friendship and memory…
the connection between flour and water
which allows us to bake and build

it is the smile of a child and the feeling that ensues
from which you know
that I am here and so are you

Red from the root

a pulling from the eyes
nausea in my chest
the life that was—that died within

life comes like a grain of salt
it mixes and dissolves
it adds and subtracts
and in its precarious state
stands alone in utter quest to attain its goal

far and near
present and distant
in touch and diffident


the air is thick
rushing from cloud
to sun
from lagoon to islet

you with the blue in your eyes
the anemones in your smile

the asteroids sang in the heavens
as the southern cross undertook its journey

I sing with a heart full of mussels
Coral underfoot
oozing life in its wetness of
in and out
water and air

you sweep by me
in a caress of island night
red as the sun setting westward

star jasmine behind your ear
you smiled climbing
to the steep top
banana leaves surrounding us

alone in the jungle
the fly catcher our companion
me and you together
the arc of time before us
never forlorn
no matter how

soon the rain will come

we ate seared tuna by the water’s edge
and stroked the lean cat—white and brown
she purred and knew you were her true friend and ally

coconuts lie in the water
washed ashore on the white strand
of beach
where only my blue toenails look pure
against the slight sand

you call to me in the velvet night
the ripple of my skin
your breath on my neck

in the entrance, yellow hibiscus
the aroma sweet
of body and salt
hands clasping
above and beyond
the wind
the palm fronds and the rooster gone mad
crowing at all times of day
and even night

us together
day and night
a knot of twine
tied between your
umbilical cord and mine

in the tears a truth
beyond union
a smile fragmentary
and crisp like a star
with a ring between
twinkling rainbow

teeth white
freckles glowing
you said darling
I whispered
In silent acquiescence
Breathing you in

together we become anew
a beginning with no end
a tie that echoes circle
a song that reminisces
of the sea where I lie
beneath the waves
washed into the shore
of my devotion
into the echo of a seashell
where you said
the sea began and also ended

Somewhere a seam

Somewhere a seam
tied you to me
the shore to the ocean
grains of sand
swept by the wind
white and blue
of the moon
a sliver
upside down

we are down under
the equator
in the southern hemisphere

33 elements
7 planets
12 signs
a seashell
made of bone

Life comes in spurts

Life comes in spurts
and love in waves
my heart has twelve chambers
that open in a spiral
the doors connect to my mind
and to the solar plexus
among other things
the sedimentary of old grabs
hold of the inner folds
and exudes from my pores

fears winged and wild
fly into my dreams

my psyche feels burdened and clasped
in the wire bindings of a cage

the one I love feels distant
and yet it is I who am faraway
casting myself into a pit
escalating into the lower portion of myself
breath a long forgotten treasure