Time capsule exploding in the night

Splicing words into the core of being
Are you afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Sleep a long lost melancholy
Don Quixote de la Mancha, where are you?

My heart is pounding
Teaching me to listen
Can I find the gate to my breath
Can I feel its flowing stream
Is life a miraculous magnet?

Force of will. Will of force.
The fire next time.

I long to run to the center and back
As space widens and
Time shortens

To swing full force
Into the wave of time
Of being and of life

I arrive to sigh
I scream, jump, think, love

Colors over shadows
The russet leaves rustling
in the autumn forest

Notes alive in the mind and out
Colors and questions
Whose answers lie
In the pool
Limpid blue yonder

Does the child play out there
She is small and has round eyes

The eclipse is here and
It may be tomorrow

Alive I feel the hunger
And the pain of change
To be yielded to by the passage of life
Nothing is permanent

A kaleidoscope in time
People and objects
In continuous mutation of form

You cannot hold onto a process
It’s like a wave
A cycle of energy


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