Flower in danger

watching the skyline of a city I love
that now seems unknown
it could be Cleveland or Milwaukee

in the back of a black car
maybe nightmares have an end
we slide down the seats
that have seen many passengers

in the lick
of the ultimate kiss
foreign bodies learn to smell each other

I want your soul and I want it now
I want to tear you up
to eat your tongue
I don’t want you to spare me

slinky stinky sneaky air
as the sirens hiss
and the lights blink

I want to taste your mouth
(I tasted it even when we danced)
slightly sweet
mixed with a neutral softness

acting is your raison d’être
dancing with you is
like making love to Marilyn Monroe

I feel like Mick Jagger
I want the stud pants
the omega T-shirt
—the tight ass—

it’s light outside
people on the street are carrying flowers and babies
cars are zooming by

me alone with you in my mind
I know I don’t want to be polite
you said “when we meet again
–we should dance–
even if we don’t go dancing”


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