One with all

one with all
all in one
to possess the apple and the eye
the soft touch of dappled skin
the skip of beat of my heart in your eyes

mountains of blue
peaked with white
repose beyond
the glass-still water

crooning birds swoon to the tree-tops
and beyond
where my stare fails to dare

the horizon is a seamless line
dividing my heart from my mind
the sky from the water
the trees from the mountains

I swing in the full of things
yearning to behold
alive on top of the world
the echoes bouncing in the distance

where lies the answer
to all the unasked questions?

the crispness of a peach
the soft shape of a pebble marked by the waves of time

I reach for the eyes that feed the certainty in my soul
I crave creation
breath of life and of being
the calm of lake water undisturbed
plunging to drink
I take of this perfection and search for more

the eagles soar high above us
gliding and screeching
a call beyond my comprehension
a taught aerodynamic carriage
light and furious
the trail to survival
in its entropy of cycle

my name resonates in the sweeping
and in the rustle of the wind
my mood volatile
as the interchangeable colors in the sky
or the phases of the ever-watching moon

words as pools of expression
microcosms of pleasure
in each cool blue reflection
we bathe and see our relentless narcissistic face

mark my mind
in the menopause of time
in the absence of moon
the tide of day
the cycle of the sea

waves wash the shore
culling the stones
the valleys wrapped by salty water

the sound in the stillness
evoking the feeling of life to live

pleasure of thought
stronger than senses or desire
the mind as king rules over her people


1 thought on “One with all

  1. This has some really fresh, original language. I have been reading through your poetry and feel an intensity that burns into lines and stanzas and makes the poems alive. This is really good work of which you can justly be proud.

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