Labor Day

“To love someone enough to forget about yourself even for one moment is to be free”.
J. Winterson, The Passion.

Antigone speaks:

to laugh and to cry
cooing as doves do

as the wind and the rain
rattle the shell around my mind
the husk that is the body around my heart

rocking to and fro
repetition, a motion of conceit
movement, the eternal exchange of energy

molecules burning
created and creating
never more than there was

matter contained in the sphere of earth
gliding kaleidoscopic
the swaying shadows reaching the ground
the mountain and back.

puncturing the bubble
to the open world:

where car bombs explode
in ruins and temples
where people fight hope and pray
where others pay with plastic cards
for objects of whimsical desire
to feed boredom
and the laziness of unsettled minds

alive she cried
on top of the mount to the people below
and to the valleys of sound:

reach out
touch the cheek of the child
who stares into the void with lakes of eyes
of innocence and open-ness.

reach out
create the change of mind
of thought, of process

the parasitic system feeding off
thousands of millions of open mouths
toiling to stay alive

reach out
fight with words
with images
with actions

to change the course of the wheel
for the power of the suppressed
for the scythe
the land
the use of energy
for the Power of Man

to men, to women
to children
toiling, groping
reaching, crossing

the parasite feeds off its prey
the chain is reversible

all objects appear closer in the mirror
the fractured stained glass
in which we see darkly
the face of a child
the lesson and the innocence of humility

what you learn is for yourself
and for others
for the force of nature

giving is taking
learning to love


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