In passing

‘In passing a civilization was destroyed…’
(Arundhati Roy)

Antigone exits, Chorus speaks

the spokesman
aloud she cried on the rim of the city wall
screaming so that the people could hear her point

pointing to the top of the tower
the babbling spiral of mankind
the echoing whisper of denial
covering the very evidence of truth

laden with lies
scraping the bottom of the barrel
with a rusty ladle

open the door to reality
a soap bubble in the mist
reflected with pink and azure
shattering crystal in your face

Cassandra crossing
doves cooing
aloud in the stillness
butterfly wings clapping
to a distant drum

in the flotsam hum-buzz
of western realism
the drowning sensation
of having arrived
and risen to ones’ senses
to an overwhelming feeling
of uncontrollable desire

to slip a sling
past the bridge
to step a stride
past the dragging quicksand
into the singeing fire

to reach the bursting
bubble of life
water and earth
united into a flower
budding and shaping
into a life unknown


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